Our Product

SOYL-GEL is a multifunctional hydrogel applied under the soil, near plant roots, to retain and release water, and to continually supply essential soil nutrients and pesticides in adequate amounts.

It can absorb water 1000 times of its own weight. The gel is synthesized in powder form and can be included in seed plantings either as is or after being swollen in water. Upon rainfall and/or irrigation, the gel absorbs water, swells, and continually releases water for ten days. Once dried, it can be swollen again with watering, for many cycles.

While reducing drought stress upon planting and improving seedling survival, SOYL-GEL replenishes soil minerals for subsequent cultivations, fights with pests, such as soil fungi, to increase crop yields.

SOYL-GEL enables responsible consumption in three ways: by significantly reducing the amount of (i) watering, (ii) fertilizers, and (iii) pesticides necessary for plant growth and protection.

Our Technology

SOYL-GEL is a super absorbent polymer incorporated with pesticide and fertilizer loaded natural clay nanotubes. To obtain higher swelling capacities in water and in ionic media, we have developed a triblock copolymer with a self-crosslinking structure, through a water-based synthesis process.

Owed to its nanocomposite structure, when swollen, SOYL-GEL is mechanically more robust than regular hydrogels and can retain its shape better under the soil. Nano additives substantially extend water release durations, up to ten times longer compared to commercial hydrogels. Moreover, nano additives in SOYL-GEL improve reswelling ability.

Currently there are several hydrogels used in agriculture; however, these absorb and release only water. Our product is innovative, and superior compared to other hydrogels, because it has enhanced water retention capabilities in the ionic environment, and it can supply fertilizers and pesticides with water, to replenish soil nutrients and protect plants.

Targeted Markets

We are planning to market SOYL-GEL to Industrial Agricultural Producers and Garden Hobbyists in Europe and Middle East

Competitive Advantages

Our technology is unique and novel in the sense that it serves three purposes with one application: water savings, soil nutrition, and plant protection. Furthermore, with its nanocomposite structure, SOYL-GEL can hold on to water more than ten times longer compared to current hydrogels.

We are based in Turkey, which houses one of the biggest reserves of the natural nanotubes we are using. Also, since we target European and Middle-Eastern markets, we have a logistics advantage compared to East-Asian producers.


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