Active Molecule Loading

We have successfully loaded triazole fungicides in natural clay nanotubes and optimized the loading process parameters.

Super Absorbent Polymer Synthesis

We have successfully synthesized a super absorbent polymer (SAP), through a water-based process, with a swelling ratio of up to 1250, which is higher than any value presented in the literature. It is a triblock copolymer with a self-crosslinking structure.

Nanocomposite SAP Synthesis

Successfully integrated natural clay nanotubes in super absorbent polymer; achieved improved mechanical strength and extended water release durations.

Funding from Tübitak

In order to fund our research and product development, we have applied for and accepted to Tübitak’s (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) BiGG (entrepreneurship program) grant with a value of $35,000. We were incorporated in January 2020.

Patent Application – TR

On 20 February 2020, we filed our first patent application to protect our novel nanocomposite SAP formulation.

Bayer G4A Turkey

As Soyl-gel team, we participated in Bayer G4A Turkey Accelerator Program. We continue to collaborate with Bayer Crop Science with regards to field trial opportunities.

Greenhouse Trial #1

In our first greenhouse trial, we tested how Soyl-gel supports wheat during water stress. According to the results of our 2-month study, we have shown that Soyl-gel supports plant growth under reduced irrigation frequencies, down to one-fifth. We were able to show that Soyl-gel increases biomass for plants irrigated once every 3 days and once every 5 days.

At the end of the trial, wheat plants were compared in terms of the quantity and mass of their grains. Soyl-gel supported plants showed consistently more grains compared to control groups (with no soyl-gel). In fact, some control groups were not able to yield any grains.