Our Work Partners and Projects


Large-scale field trials planned for Autumn 2022

EIT Test Farms 2022

We will test our solution in Italy/Cilento, in 2022 Autumn, thanks to EIT Test Farms program.


Working on coating seeds with Soyl-Gel, to increase their drought tolerance.

We are sending 10 kg of Soyl-Gel to women farmers in Türkiye!

Crowdfunding is organized by Fongogo, backed by individual contributors and Türkiye İş Bankası.

Crowdfunding Platform

Main Sponsor

Türkiye Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Tapaneli Women Farmers Agricultural development Cooperative
South Adana Women Entrepreneurs

İş Bankası – Workup Agri 2022

Organized by Hackquarters

EIT-FAN 2021

We participated in EIT-FAN 2021 cohort, in Haifa, Israel hub.

Accelerate 2030

Organized by Impact HUB Istanbul

Bayer Crop Science

We participated in the 2020 Bayer G4A Turkey Accelerator Program and received a $10,000 grant.


Accepted to Tübitak 1512 grant of $35,000 in 2020

Sabancı University Partnership

We are a university spin-off company, and Inovent is our partner.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of renowned professors who are not only experts in their fields but also experienced in the industry. We are fortunate to consult with our advisory board to receive valuable guidance regarding scientific, technical, and business matters. Whether it is product development or field trials, their feedback is critical for us, to make sure we are on the right track!

İsmail Çakmak (Professor of Plant Nutrition in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabancı University)

Ismail Cakmak received his Ph.D. at the University Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. He is currently Professor at the Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and received more than 34 000 citations (Hirsch-Index: 92; Google Scholar). In 2017 and 2019, he has been named among the “highly-cited researchers” by Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters). In a recent Stanford University study, including 7.9 million scientists, he has been ranked among the top 0.1 %.

Received IFA-International Crop Nutrition Award in 2005, Australian Crawford Fund “Derek Tribe Award Medal” in 2007, Germany- Humboldt Foundation-Georg Forster Research Award in 2014, International Plant Nutrition Institute- IPNI Science Award in 2016, and World Academy of Sciences Prize in 2016. He is elected member of “The Academy of Europe” and “The Science Academy” of Turkey, and member of IFA- International Scientific Panel on Responsible Plant Nutrition.

His current research focused mainly on stress mitigating role of mineral nutrients in plants and human nutritional aspects of plant mineral nutrition.

Through our consultation sessions, we were fortunate to gain valuable insights into different dynamics of greenhouse studies as opposed to field trials in terms of soil -hence water and nutrient- availability; and advice on how to successfully assess the functionality of our product.

Yusuf Ziya Menceloğlu (Professor of Materials Science and Nanoengineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabancı University)

Prof. Menceloglu has been working in organic polymer synthesis since 1984 and in nanoscience and nanotechnology since 1991. Dr. Menceloğlu worked as a visiting scientist at Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill before working in the Performance Chemicals industry in İstanbul. He continues his innovative research on nano-sized materials, polymers, and composites at Sabancı University, which he joined in 2000.

Dr. Menceloğlu is author or co-author of more than 200 peer reviewed papers/proceedings, and several book chapters on polymers and nanosize materials. Inventor and co-inventor of 25 patents listed in Derwent Innovations Index. Dr. Menceloğlu has diverse research experience in functional polymers, nanosized materials, composites, and reactions/processesing in liquid/supercritical carbon dioxide. He has been listed as the best nanotechology-nanoscience experts of the world by the Webometrics in 2018. Dr. Menceloğlu teaches courses in polymer synthesis polymeric materials and nanoengineering in agriculture & food Science has graduated 15 PhD’s and 30 MSc students. He is a founder and partner of technology based startup companies and serves on the boards of associations and civic societies.

Dr. Menceloğlu’s extensive knowledge and experience in polymeric materials are indispensable resources for our product development. His insightful recommendations on polymer synthesis allowed us to optimize the structure of Soyl-Gel to improve its swelling characteristics and functionality.

Mustafa ÇAKIR, RTTP, QPIP, Patent Attorney

Mustafa Çakır is an industrial engineer with 12 year experience in University-Industry collaborations, patent portfolio management, patent data analytics, licensing, deep-tech startup programs, market research and spinoff creation. He has completed practical technology transfer experiences in NIH (National Institutes of Health, USA), UCLB (UK) and Cambridge Enterprise (UK).
He is co-founder of Patenteffect.com, his company providing IP, tech transfer and deep-tech startup services. He mainly leads patent data analytics services, patent portfolio management, patent licensing, deep-tech startup acceleration programs and commercialization services for IP-based spinoff companies.

He worked at Sabanci University TTO as Patent Attorney and Ege University EBILTEM-TTO as IPR and Licensing Unit Manager for patent portfolio management, technology transfer and entrepreneurship services. He was the project coordinator in EPO led Project for disseminating IP in Universities as well as senior tech transfer manager in Enterprise Europe Network (EBIC-EGE).
He is also acting as the President of LES (Licensing Executives Society) Turkey and co-director of Founder Institute Turkey.

QPIP: Qualified patent information professional

RTTP: Registered Technology Transfer Professional

Mustafa Atilla Yazıcı (Laboratory Specialist in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at Sabancı University)

Dr. Yazıcı holds a Ph.D. degree in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition from Çukurova University. He pursues his research, mainly on biofortification, at Sabancı University as a laboratory specialist in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering department.

Yazıcı has years of experience in greenhouse trials, in which he is chiefly assessing the effects of various nutrients on plant growth. We are fortunate to have been working should-to-shoulder with him for planning the trials: Soyl-gel application to soil, irrigation schedules, nutrient addition to soil, amount of water required -in terms of soil water capacity- are areas for which we have received his and his team’s direct contributions; both before and during the course of the trials.