We are a group of researchers from Sabancı University who develop high-tech solutions for sustainable agriculture…

Our Vision

Agriculture uses 70% of freshwater, globally. Fertilizers and pesticides are the necessary evils of farming, which maintain nutrients in soil, and fight pests; but current practices use them excessively. Therefore, agriculture is also the biggest polluter of water. Hydrogels can decrease water demand up to 50% and increase crop yields by 20 to 30%. Our vision, by integrating sustained release of fertilizers and pesticides in hydrogels, is to achieve tremendous water savings and alleviate water pollution at the same time.

Problem in Agriculture

Sparse rainfalls result in diminishing arable land area, yet the population we need to feed expands persistently. Many farmers use more water than necessary for their crops; apply excessive doses of fertilizers and pesticides, which pollute streams and groundwater.

Our Solution

SOYL-GEL retains water in soil surface, near the roots of the plants; minimizing irrigation and allowing for agriculture in arid regions. From natural nanotubes in its composite structure, it releases necessary active agents with water, to promote crop health, fertilizer use efficiency, and yield.

Meet the Team

Three researchers from Sabanci University passionate about working towards more responsible and sustainable agriculture

Merve Senem Seven

Co-Founder, Post-Doc

Senem has expertise on polymer processing, nanocomposites, and microfabrication. Her previous research includes agricultural nanomaterials and carbon-based biosensors. Last year she won Hello Tomorrow Turkey challenge.

Ogeday Rodop

Co-Founder , PhD Candidate

Ogeday comes from a materials engineering background with previous research focused on aluminum and magnesium alloy development. His current research is on active molecule loading on natural clay nanotubes.

Yesim Menceloglu

Co-Founder, MSc Student

Yeşim has comprehensive experience in synthesis and swelling behavior investigation of super absorbent polymers, production of super absorbent fibers by electrospinning, and preparation of polymer composites.


To learn more about the benefits of our technology and for collaboration opportunities please send us an e-mail and we’d be happy to get back to you!